Crack Ho (bored_to_life) wrote in bodypiercing,
Crack Ho

New Vertical Labret

I got a vertical labret last week (it's a week old tomorrow).
I've been doing my soaks, and I just went in and talked to a piercer today (not the one I went to, but another, more reputable place), and they told me it'd be okay to put some natural vegan chapstick on my lips.
And that's cool.

But Halloween is coming up this week, and I was told not to wear any makeup for 8-10 weeks.

All I really want to use is some Bare Minerals and a little eyeliner.
I have natural (burt's bees) lipstick, but I'm fine with chapstick.

If I keep up my soaks, and keep off the piercing as much as possible when applying the Bare Minerals, do you think it'll be okay?
Or should I not push it?
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