Zaneta Caravello (zaneta) wrote in bodypiercing,
Zaneta Caravello

Nipple Piercing Question


I went to get my nipple pierced a couple years ago now and i was warned off doing it as i have introverted nipples. The piercer said that it can get really uncomfortable.

My question is, for those out there that have have their nipple pieced and have introverted nipples, is it so bad and uncomfortable?

I just would love to get another piercing, but as i work for a government place i need to be a little more conservative when it comes to deciding what to poke at. though i do already have my nose done (little cute stud, don't even notice it), two times in my ears and my belly. I did try to get my eye brow down when i was younger but it grew out twice, so don't want to try that again.

As I have been thinking about getting (sorry not sure of the terms) a few in my back that i would be able to lace up, but i'm scared i would spend all that money and find that it wants to grow out like my eye brow.

Has anyone had similar experiences with lots of their piercings growing out on them?
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