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I'm new, not only to this community, but also pretty new to body piercing in general. I have two holes in my lobes, and so far my only other piercing is my navel, which I got done just over a month ago.

I have metal allergies, and I've had issues with both of my lobe piercings, one which I got when I was about 5, the other just over a year ago. And in general my skin is really sensitive, things like changing deodorant brands or not washing my sheets very frequently will give me rashes. So I believe my body might have an issue with the steel barbell in my navel piercing. It isn't really crusty or gross-looking, it just looks red and kind of dry, and it itches quite a bit. It doesn't really hurt, and most of the time it doesn't bother me at all, but sometimes it gets really annoying and itchy.

So I ordered an internally threaded titanium barbell today, and I'm hoping that once I receive it and put it in that it will help, although I know it can take months and months for navel piercings to heal.

I guess I'm just looking for some feedback, do you guys think that I'm having an issue with the jewelry or do you think the piercing is just being stubborn, or a little of both?
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