bella_cheval (bella_cheval) wrote in bodypiercing,

Overweight---is belly piercing okay?

I'm overweight [a good bit] and was wondering if a belly button piercing is a good idea or no? Thanks!
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I'm about 20-30 pounds overweight and the navel piercing I got in December is healing up fine.
Thanks for the advice!


July 5 2008, 08:04:40 UTC 9 years ago

No, it wouldn't look good at all (if you can even see it). I'm pretty overweight myself at 200 pounds, and I wouldn't pierce something that is going to be hidden by my fat rolls.

Just sayin'.
Unless you have a pretty flat belly, they really don't look very good, in my opinion.

They don't really sit at the right angle, and the shape a larger belly takes on doesn't really look good with a bar.

Just my opinion, though.

I'm an average weight, but have a bit of a tummy, and I wouldn't get one.
im overweight too, about 50 pounds, im trying to get healthier, i would wait and try to lose some weight, but in the end its up to you, if you really want it, get it, nobody can make the decision for you.